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The Admiral Schofield Endowment Fund

The Admiral Schofield Endowment Fund (ASEF) is a public fundraising endowment fund. ASEF's mission is to create platforms for youth to excel.  ASEF supports programming with proven results that deliver resources to students and families in need.

Admiral Schofield

Admiral Schofield: Rising NBA Star and Inspirational Athlete

Admiral Schofield is a name synonymous with determination, talent, and sportsmanship. Born on March 30, 1997, this dynamic basketball player has taken the NBA by storm with his exceptional skills and unwavering dedication to the game.

Hailing from Zion, Illinois, Schofield's journey to the NBA was fueled by his sheer passion for basketball and his relentless pursuit of excellence. Standing at 6'5" with an impressive wingspan, he has showcased his versatility both on and off the court.

Schofield's college career at the University of Tennessee showcased his leadership abilities and commitment to teamwork. As a standout forward for the Volunteers, he earned numerous accolades and captivated fans with his electrifying performances. His hard work and determination paid off when he was selected by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 2019 NBA Draft.

Beyond his athletic prowess, Admiral Schofield is an advocate for community engagement and social impact. He understands the platform that sports provide and has consistently used his voice to raise awareness about important societal issues. Admirers admire not only his on-court skills but also his off-court contributions. 

As his NBA journey unfolds, Admiral Schofield continues to inspire fans, aspiring athletes, and individuals across the globe. His dedication, resilience, and commitment to making a positive difference in the world make him a role model for the generations to come. He has started the Admiral Schofield Endowment fund to address those issues with a plan!

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Welcome & Purpose

Admiral’s goal is to help at-risk students, first generation students and student athletes get the support needed to matriculate and succeed academically. This entails but is not limited to, reading at grade level by third grade; graduating from high school ready for college and career; completing post-secondary education or training; successfully entering the workforce; keeping scholars on track and giving them second chances through programs and curriculum.



The highlighted goals of the Admiral Schofield Endowment Fund Initiative are to ensure:

• The love of sports and sports development with young people.
• Create a booster program for Orange County Public School System in

Orlando, Florida, Zion Benton Township High School & the University of

• To ensure the financial literacy of youth.
• Helping to assist at-risk and first-gen young people graduate from high

school and attend college.
• Helping young people complete post-secondary education or training. • Helping to grow technology and innovation.
• Also ensuring the health and wellness of young people.

"We built what Tennessee is right now. We’ve been here since coach Barnes was here. They mean the world to me but I know we mean the world to our program and our university because you know, we really took Tennessee from the bottom and put them back in the conversation. From here on out there is no excuse, no excuse for whoever comes in. Take the torch and run with it.”

- Admiral Schofield


 Make a donation today  

Your gift is fully tax deductible. Please contact us at 973-267-5533 if you have any questions. 

Additionally, cash contributions may be made by check payable and mailed to:

Community Foundation of New Jersey
Post Office Box 338
Morristown, New Jersey 07963-0338

For wiring instructions for cash contributions, please contact: Lydia Gracey,, 973-828-2959

Thank you for your interest and patience as we make this transition. We look forward to offering a seamless donation experience with this enhanced system.

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